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Star Trek Timeline

Whoopi Goldberg in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) as Guinan - TV and movie icon for over 25 years. She is a true veteran to film and movie history.

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Jeri Ryan Gallery What a legacy - to have been such a sex symbol without being naked. Well done.

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Away Mission Art Print

Away Mission Art Print: Star Trek/ The Next Generation/ Deep Space Nine/ Voyager/ Enterprise/ Reboot

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Star Trek Into Darkness---While I don't approve of all the Abrahms changes to "Prime TOS" timeline, I do like Quinto's portrayal of Mr. Spock.

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Can I just say that Karl Urban is AMAZING as Bones? He is totally channeling DeForrest Kelley and I love it!

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Couldn't keep it together at this point. As soon as Scotty says, "you better get down here" the flood gates of my tears open.

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