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Edward Pickering - WTF fun fact


NGC 1672 : Barred Spiral Galaxy - There are 3 types of galaxy nuclei : HII region, similar in spectrum to star formation in the Milky Way associated with nuclear star formation, Seyfert nucleus, a type of active galactic nucleus (AGN) or low ionization nuclear emission-line region having spectral emission from weakly ionized gas that could contain either a star formation region or supermassive black hole. NGC 1672's spectrum falls between the classifications - Credit : NASA/ESA


This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope view shows some important details of NGC 6861. One of the most prominent features is the disc of dark bands circling the centre of the galaxy. These dust lanes are a result of large clouds of dust particles obscuring the light emitted by the stars behind them.


Hubble Gazes at a Cosmic Megamaser

tight cluster of yellow and blue stars wreathed in dust - A Megamaser This galaxy has a far more exciting and futuristic classification than most — it hosts a megamaser. Megamasers are intensely bright, around 100 million times brighter than the masers found in galaxies like the Milky Way. The entire galaxy essentially acts as an astronomical laser that beams out microwave emission rather than visible light (hence the ‘m’ replacing the ‘l’).