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Fastraxcc is a well-established conveyor roller manufacturer producing a comprehensive range of conveyor rollers for a wide range of industries.Whether you need to order one conveyor roller or thousands of conveyor rollers, we manufacture to suit your individual requirements. We manufacture rollers for a wide range of conveyor roller systems, from stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel and PVC in tube diameters ranging from 20mm to 102mm.


PFCT-3475 CSST HOSE 3/4X75 by PRO-FLEX. Save 27 Off!. $177.76. Flexible 304 stainless steel with yellow polyethylene jacketing. All hoses clearly marked with gas pressure rating, EHD (Equivalent Hydraulic Diameter). Tested to the ANSI Standards for Fuel Gas Piping System using Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing"(CSST), ANSI LC-1a-2009, CSA 6.26a-2009, ANSI LC-1-2005 and CSA 6.26-2005.

723 Pcs Complete Tattoo Starter Kit Digital Power Supply Needles Grips 8 Color MOM's Ink Shots by GH. Save 34 Off!. $65.95. The 723 Pcs Tattoo Kit includes: 2 tattoo machine, 8 MOM's made in the USA tattoo inkshots, digital power supply, 2 grip, 2 clip cord, stainless steel foot-pedal, 50 pre-sterilized stainless steel tattoo needles, disposable tips, disposable silicone-gel grip with tube and matching tattoo needle, and other accessories for you to get started. 1x Power Supply sy...

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Sculpture "Splash" by Tomas Misura

Splash - Tomas MisuraSculpture by the Sea at Bondi Beach (Sydney - Australia) 2010 - Bondi local Tomas Misura won the NAB Kids' Choice Prize of $3,000 for his giant stainless steel paint tube squirting vibrant red paint. Slovakian-born Tomas Misura was educated at the School of Artistic Crafts in Bratislava, and emigrated in Australia in 1999.

Key Bike Rack.. The CHIAVE bike stand is made entirely in 7 mm thick zinced and polyester powder coated steel, with two key shaped pieces set side-by-side, spaced at 63mm by two stainless steel elements complete with antitheft fixings. This shape also includes a Ø 80 hole to allow a secure place to attach a lock and bike frame. Ground fixing is with a Ø 40mm end tube, rigidly welded to the structure, or with base plate and bolts (not included). Dimensions H 895mm, L 386mm.


All Weather Hamster Water Bottle. #Travel