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Stacey Page Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch Stacey Page is a mixed media artist from Georgia, USA


The picture above is called Todd and is only 3.1 by 4.3 inches big and was created by the super talented Stacey Page. Page takes small wallet size photos and embroiders mad stitching around the ima...


'Stacey Page' Stacey Page did embroidery and embellishment photography, were she got photographs she's taken and used a needle and embroidery thread to stitch patterns on the image. The materials she used was sequins, button, ribbons e.t.c. I don't really like stitching onto image but I believe this is really effective.


Textile Portraits, , Artist Study on Textile Artists with thanks to © Stacey Page CAPI ::: Mixed Media Artists with Textile Incorporation, How to Stitch Art, Studies for Art Students at CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas with Milliande, Mixed Media Textile Art School Portfolio Work Inspiration


Stacey Page. Embroidery on each taken photograph. I like this enhanced image as the original is basic black and white but with the embroidery onto it adds colour and makes the portrait look unique again.


Stacey Page

Stacey Page idea for Ironing board sculpture. Cover Mom's face with her dysfunctional issues. or Daddy suffocating with Mom's issues.