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EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Branning will be plagued with doubts as her wedding day arrives -

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How Charities Helped Shape 'EastEnders' Postpartum Psychosis Storyline

'EastEnders' Postpartum Psychosis Storyline: How Charities Worked With Scriptwriters To Sensitively Portray Illness


Thursday 18 February, 2016 It is a storyline that has gripped EastEnders fans and thrust a little-talked about, or understood, condition into the limelight.The birth of Stacey Branning's son, Arthur, sparked the onset of a devastating disorder, called postpartum psychosis. Viewers have been gripped as Stacey suddenly found herself experiencing extreme paranoia, delusions and hallucinations and was subsequently sectioned.The storyline, due to reac

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EastEnders fans say Lacey Turner's take on mentally ill Stacey is 'Oscar worthy'

Delighted EastEnders fans praise Lacey Turner's 'Oscar worthy' performance as mentally ill Stacey Branning - Mirror Online


EastEnders Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) // Stacey's Military Coat - Multiple Episodes 2015 & 2014 [ Click photo for details ❤ ]


EastEnders Stacey Branning // Stacey's Green Floral Living Room Retro Wallpaper [ Click photo for details ❤ ]