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Time travel in ancient Antioch, Turkey

Saint Paul preached there and Anthony and Cleopatra partied. In the ancient city of Antioch, near the border with Syria, Kevin Gould found a taste of Turkey with an Arabic accent


Paul's Well - an ancient stone well located in the ruins of Tarsus, Turkey. Tarsus was the hometown of the apostle Paul (Acts 9:11), a city of great importance (Acts 21:39) as a learning center of the ancient world. The well is in a courtyard held by tradition to be the site of Paul's house.


St. Stephen's Day, or the Feast of St. Stephen, is a Christian saint's day to commemorate Saint Stephen, celebrated on 26 December in the Western Church and 27 December in the Eastern Church.


Acts 9: The Conversion of Saul. Jesus meets him on the road and blinds him for his dastardly deeds against His apostles. Three days later Jesus sends Ananias to heal Saul. Upon regaining his sight, Saul converts and becomes known as Paul.

'Saint Paul the Apostle', 17th century. Saul of Tarsus (1st century) who took the name Paul after seeing a vision of Christ on the road to Damascus. A leading figure in the early Christian church, St Paul is shown seated at a table, resting his arm on a sword. In front of him are writing materials representing his letters to various Christians such as the Corinthians and Ephesians. Through his epistles Paul proved that the pen was mightier than the sword.