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Abandoned Blue House - North St. Louis


The grand house at Cook and Whittier's sad decline has been going on for at least a decade. It was built in 1892 and is now owned by the shadowy real estate holding company Urban Assets. I really love what they’ve done with the place.


Home Decor - Illustrated quote - Maya Angelou - Bird Sing Song, Ink, Black and white


Another happy St. Louis real estate client with great things to say about working with Kelly Shaw.

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 2 Bed/1 Bath, 1.5 Story home with 1300 sq ft of living space, potential for 3rd Bedroom

Real Estate for sale in St Louis -

May 3, 1948 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled covenants prohibiting the sale of real estate to blacks & other minorities were legally not enforceable in Shelley v Kraemer. The Shelley's shown here in the photo purchased a home in a St. Louis area where 39 people owned 57 parcels of land. In February of 1911 30 of the owners signed an agreement or a restrictive covenant not to sell to African or Asian Americans. In August of 1945 the Shelley's purchased a home in the neighborhood. Kraemer's sued.