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How To: 7 Quick Fixes for Squeaky Door Hinges & Creaky Floorboards

7 Quick Fixes for Squeaky Door Hinges & Creaky Floorboards « The Secret Yumiverse

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How To: Fix a Squeaky Door Hinge

How to: Fix a Squeaky Door Hinge Using Coconut Oil

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42 Seriously Useful Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

Keep your toilet brush clean and fresh smelling by pouring a bit of Pine Sol in the bottom of the holder.


If the hinges on a door or cabinet squeak and squawk when you close them, just dab a bit of petroleum jelly or foam shaving cream on the noisy part or spray the hinges with nonstick vegetable spray. Keep opening and closing the door until the jelly or spray works its way in and thoroughly lubricates the hinges. Now you can go get that midnight snack without waking the whole household.

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How to Fix a Squeaky Door - 3 Ways

Mayonnaise has many applications outside its intended use. Coat a hinge in this common condiment to rid your door of squeaks and shrills.

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Five Minute Challenge: Stop The Squeakies

Works for squeaky doors


10 DIY Fixes That Do More Harm Than Good

Common knowledge, neighborly advice, old wives’ tales, and “the way my parents did it” all share one important characteristic: Sometimes they're just plain wrong. You may have picked up a few home repair and improvement hints along the way from well-intentioned peers, but these ideas can often produce ineffective, ugly, or even damaging and dangerous results. Here are just a few examples of things you may be doing wrong—and some suggestions for alternative methods.

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23 Ways To Make Your Car Cleaner Than It's Ever Been

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Instant Fixes For Nagging Problems Around the House

Silence a Squealing Hinge

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The dark days of Doris Day: The 'girl next door' had a dark side behind her squeaky clean public image

KIM! PLEASE!!!!!!! 😸 DORIS DAY ~ Audiences loved her voice, and personality, and she made more, and more films. She made 3 films for Warner Bros.