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Square Root 3...Great video to go with multiplying radicals!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Square Roots and Cube Roots Maze Game

This maze game is for practicing square roots and cube roots. It is a short and easy way for students to practice square roots and cube roots and to have fun while doing it.Included in this product:-3 maze game, one is only square roots, one is only cube roots, and one is square roots and cube roots mixed.-3 Answer Keys-Teacher DirectionsDownload a preview to get a feel for the quality of work you will be getting.You might also like:Square Root and Cube Root Tic-Tac-Toe GameCombining Like…

Channel with lots of maths tricks. tecmath - YouTube


square roots spiral. I have done this as an end of the year project for Pythagorean theorem and square roots


This scavenger hunt can be used to review finding the square root of perfect and estimating the square root of imperfect squares Directions: Pri...

So doing this my next spanish test.... in spanish :3


Standardized tests require students to work through problems at lightning speeds and square roots are some of the trickiest answers to find for a student just learning about them. This video gives hints and tips to make the process cut as many corners as necessary to find the correct answer.

Square Root Worksheets Consecutive Numbers - square root worksheets…