Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas Mount Hibok-hibok by budgebatalla -A jewel of an island Camiguin lies in the Bohol sea just off the northern coast of the island of Mindanao. Camiguin is a volcanic island that is home to four volcanoes. According to the Lonely Planet'With over 20 cinder cones 100m-plus high Camiguin has more volcanoes per square kilometre than any other island on earth.' Of the four volcanoes in the island only one Mt. Hibok-hibok is active. It last erupted in the morning…

AUSTRALIA: "salties," AKA saltwater crocodiles or Crocodylus porosus of the Adelaide River are infamous for being able to jump most of their body length out of the water for food. Kakadu National Park is one of Australia's most celebrated tracts of wilderness, a 20,000-square kilometer, Unesco-listed expanse of crocs and cliffs, wallabies and waterfalls, ancient rock art and craggy escarpments. The city of Darwin is 150km away, but rare is the visitor to the capital of the Northern…

One of the densest places in the world, it had a population of 5,259, more than 80,000 per square kilometer.

Gallery: The World's Weirdest Balancing Rocks

Idol Rock at Brimham Rocks, balancing rock formations located on Brimham Moor in North Yorkshire, England.


What to Do With 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes of Astronomical Data per Day

Over the next 12 years, thousands of antennas will be built and installed across a 5000-kilometer stretch of the southern hemisphere. Satellite dishes, tripod-like dipole antennas, and tiled circular stations will dot arid savannas and comprise the world’s biggest, most accurate radio telescope ever constructed: the Square Kilometer Array. The ambitious project, which brings 67 scientific teams from 20 countries together, is the next big thing in global scientific collaboration.


Australia Skilled Immigration Australia, with a populace thickness under 3 occupants for each square kilometer, is a shelter for talented laborers. Australia Skilled Immigration is developing continually and has one of the most noteworthy per capita wage. Not just this, the populace all in all is extremely comprehensive and various.

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