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Sql Exists

Awesome #infographic @Regrann from @elevateitnow - Gooooooood Morning Friends and Fans and Happy Thursday! Are you digging the Marketing and Sales Funnel I created this morning? I do – that’s a lot of brain power for one post but one that had to be done. I see discussions about the importance of this funnel and today I am discussing it in terms we use it @elevateitnow since we are Inbound Marketing all the way. I don’t believe in interrupting anyone’s busy day to talk to them about our…

#Wordpress WordPress Plugin 'Ninja Forms' SQL Injection Flaw That was used by Hackers to Dump Site Passwords gets fixed In the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin, there exists an SQL Injection Flaw. The vulnerability can be exploited very easily. Once a site gets infected, a hacker can quite easily dump sensitive information in a great deal. WordPress Design -

Currently working on an applications where the mobile app needs to send out a list of emails that will be provided by the app user. I need to first do a lookup to see if the email already exists in the system. Using the 'old' fashion Sql Server or MySQL the syntax will be..... hmm let me see if I can remember. #Select Customer where email like '' The past few years I have been using NOSql Databases which are more 'coder' friendly. You use objects to do everything. A…

To find out how to check for existence of a temporary table then drop it go to my blog:

Search Particular Column in all Tables or Views in Sql Server Database In this article I have explained How to find all tables or views in sql server database that contain a specific column. Or we can say list out all the table and views where particular column exists.

#Wordpress WordPress Plugin Fixes SQL Injection Flaw That Let Attackers Dump Site Passwords An SQL injection vulnerability exists in the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin that is both easy to exploit and allows an attacker to dump quite a lot sensitive information from affected sites. Best Wordpress =