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Sql Exists

Master freelist (common pool) exists in the segment header in the first block of the table

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27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny


Stairway to T-SQL DML Level 12: Using the MERGE Statement: How many times have you built logic in your code that first checks for the existence of a row, then based on the outcome of that existence check you either perform an INSERT statement (if the row doesn’t exist), or an UPDATE statement (if the row already exists)? With the release of SQL Server 2008 Microsoft introduced the MERGE statement to make that task a lot easier. In this article I’ll be discussing how to perform insert, update…

Search Particular Column in all Tables or Views in Sql Server Database In this article I have explained How to find all tables or views in sql server database that contain a specific column. Or we can say list out all the table and views where particular column exists.