Buttered sprouts with chestnuts & bacon - quartered the recipe for xmas lunch. Shredded the sprouts (the kids prefer them that way). Nice but I think it could have done with some garlic and a higher proportion of bacon and nuts

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Leftover brussels from Christmas? MAKE THESE. They're incredbly tasty, especially with a fried egg on top for Boxing Day breakfast. // Bubble & squeak cakes

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Brussels sprout and cheddar soup http://www.sainsburysmagazine.co.uk/recipes/starters/veggie/item/brussels-sprout-and-cheddar-soup

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This quick recipe for easy garlic roasted brussels sprouts will make you fall in love with these nutty vegetables. If you ever hated brussel sprouts as a child... these are the ones that will change your mind!

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And <a href="http://alternative-energy-gardning.blogspot.com/2013/07/how-to-grow-sprouted-onions.html" target="_blank">onions</a>!

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Eating a vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite seasonal sweet and savoury dishes, so we’ve rounded up our pick of the most scrumptious vegan festive fare to show you the light. From gingerbread men, mince pies and chocolate yule logs to shepherds pie and Brussels sprouts, you’re sure to find the perfect treat to indulge in!

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BRUSSELS SPROUTS WITH CHESTNUTS, PANCETTA AND PARSLEY The sprout recipe below is really only a slight detour from the traditional route. By all means, stick to the orthodox if you prefer by adding only buttery chestnuts to the Brussels sprouts, but what follows is now my own traditional way of cooking them. There is a lot of parsley, I know, but think of it as another vegetable ingredient rather than a garnish.

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