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Metal vs. Wood Arbor (LANDSCAPE DESIGN Decorating Styling)

Think of growing a yard this way: mostly gravel (and no sprinklers) but instead wide-spreading plants that can have water efficient water-dripper systems installed. / Shared by Fabrizio Roberto UK - custom-made glass mosaics and fresco wallcoverings


Beauty (1993) From the exhibition Take your time: Olafur Eliasson, installation view at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Gently falling mist from the overhead sprinklers produce iridescent effects as the light is diffracted on the tiny droplets of water as it descends. Other than the light and the mist the room is empty.


How To Choose The Right Security Camera

CCTV systems (security camera systems) are the most common form of security in public places. CCTV systems can be a controversial subject as not everyone supports the need for security camera surveillance in public places due the fear of personal privacy being invaded. In this regard, do you believe that having a CCTV in public places will help prevent or lessen crimes?

Drip, Drop: How to Install a Drip Irrigation System for Small Gardens #Infographic #Gardening #HowTo

Drip, Drop: How to Install a Drip Irrigation System for Small Gardens #Infographic

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Rosewater sprinkler

Rosewater sprinkler, Catalonia, Spain, late 16th- early 17th century, glass decorated in opaque white w/ applied moulded decoration and gild. Victoria & Albert Museum.

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After Seeing These Pieces Of Art, You Won't Look At Anything The Same Way.

This gives a whole new level to the idea of Angels... See a brick wall? Don't blink!