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FRANK BORZAGE, Spring Byington and Errol Flynn on the set of Green's Light (1937)

Spring Byington ((1886–1971). The possessor of one of Hollywood's gentlest faces and warmest voices, and about as sweet as honey both on and off camera, character actress Spring Byington was seldom called upon to play callous or unsympathetic characters. Playing the part of the mother in "Little Women" (1933) ignited a heartwarming typecasting that kept her employed on the screen throughout the 1930s and 1940s. (Source: IMDb)


Jean Arthur as granddaughter Alice Sycamore, Spring Byington as daughter Penny Sycamore, and Lionel Barrymore as Grandfather Martin Vanderhof in the 1938 film You Can't Take It with Y


American actresses Jean Parker Joan Bennett Spring Byington Frances Dee and Katharine Hepburn sew in character on set as the March women in a still from Little Women