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DIY home decor ideas

Hello Home Design lovers, Here we are to give you the best decoration and home design tips. :) It's not always possible to spend much money in decor projects, so we want to remeber you that DIY projects are a trend, and you can get the best results of it! Since decor objects, to storage or lighting, search and you'll find the best ideas! Today, we'll give you some... Candles Use glasses, teacups, yogurt cups or cans and paint it and use some glitter. You'll get perfect and elegant candle…

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How To Spray Paint Wooden Furniture

We are SO doing this to our old dining room table and chairs (which will be our new homeschool table at the new house) and maybe an old rocking chair and an old kitchen hutch...the possibilities...

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I painted so many vases and mason jars, they all turned out great. TIP use thicker rubber bands and lines turn out more defined!

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Meet Your New Best DIY Friend: Copper Spray Paint

Meet Your New Best DIY Friend: Copper Spray Paint. Really nice improvement - Simple Wood hanger look so much handsome in this copper paint iteration**

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Glow in the Dark spray paint! A great craft idea! It goes on clear so perfect over any colour to add a bit of night time spookyness

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26 Beautiful Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

Blackboard paint tree slices for natural mark making on the go. Great outdoor mark making idea. Kiddies could do this before working in their sketchbook. A basket of these for children to take out and explore.

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How To Spray Paint Wooden Furniture

How to properly spray paint furniture. sanding, tack cloth, priming, coats, sealants. you can't just spray the color on lol

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