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DIY painting -- paint canvas with colors, tape design with painters tape, spray paint over tape, peel back tape & ta-dah...instant art #endlesspossibilities #diy #diypainting #painting #instantart #art #easy #craft

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One of my most popular posts of all time is my spray paint marbling tutorial back from 2014. I've received all kinds of questions ab...

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African Woman face painting,kiss 2 series,stencil art,spray paint art,canvas,beauty,street art,handmade,urban,graffiti,home,pop art,modern

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DIY Art Ideas

Spray Bottle Art: Close-Up Add depth to spray bottle art by mixing touches of gold or silver leaf in with other colors. After all colors are added to the canvas, apply the gold or silver leaf to the surface using leaf adhesive and a small detail paintbrush.

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DIY spray paint wall painting. Spray the canvas gold, place branches and leaves, spray red, let dry.

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18"x24" Paint Splatter Canvas

This canvas is made with a combination of different spray paint colors. The splatter effect flows over the edges so theres no need for a frame. Back of the canvas is signed by the artist.

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Spray paint over and then pick up qtips, left with exploding heart

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love it: melting crayon x charcoal eye on canvas. except maybe stop crying your heart out above they eye larger canvas(longer)

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