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There are still nine days till Christmas and I am preemptively festively plump. I've drunk cocktails and sprained my ankle and danced on it anyway already. The tree is up, wrapping paper has been p...


7 Important Exercises You're Probably Neglecting

Just a few minutes a day can help keep the sprains away. If it's been a while since you gave those joints any extra attention so check out an ankle-strengthening exercise for each day of the week.


1975 - I wore these for a while, until I fell off them a few times and sprained my ankles. Then I went back to Keds.


Fibro pain is real. According the McGill Pain Scale, Fibro is just under childbirth as the most painful thing a person can endure. Fibro nerve pain is more painful than sprains, bone breaks, tooth fractures, Shingles, Phantom Limb pain, Chronic Back Pain, and Cancer.


Flashback: Alloy

Alloy shoes. Lots of girls got sprained ankles in the 90s... These shoes were too expensive, so I had the cheap K-mart ones, and yes, there were sprained and twisted ankles aplenty... I have weak ankles anyhow, but the shoes probably didn't help much!