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Spotty Five

Here are five ways to smooth out resume gaps that will help employers understand your career storyline and your value.

Five little ducks went out one day, over the hill and far away Mother duck said "Quack, quack, quack, quack."But only four little ducks came back.These cute and colourful ducks are a perfect way to use up those gorgeous bright spots. Using a fat quarter of fabric each, they are also a great way to use up that stash. The fabric options are endless, but I personally love this spotty rainbow family!This pattern is suitable for sewers of all skill levels.Completed size: Mummy Duck is approx…


Planning to change careers? Here's how to get started.

Jump-Start Your Career Change! ........The prospect of changing careers is both exhilarating and daunting. If you know exactly what you want to pursue, don't become stymied by the enormous challenges the career-change process presents. Employ these powerful strategies to make that career change a reality.

Five Display Tips for Pet Store Retailers

display+ideas+for+retail+stores | ... displays and independent retail stores. Enjoy a few from our September - could also use a big stainless steel tub or the like instead of a bath tub of space is limited; I've also seen the faux plastic bubbles


Geck on deck. Love this little fatty sassage <3 she'll be five in February! #leopardgecko #leo #gecko #reptile #cute #sassage #fatty #adventuretime #spotty #love #thick #weirdo #oddball #Nav #naveen #navella #weething #womp by matriarch667

Volcom sandals

Volcom sandals Super cute volcom sandals! The color is a red-ish-pink color. More red than pink. Different types of studs across the five straps. Very comfortable! (P.s. Don't mind my spotty spray tan 😜✌️) Volcom Shoes Sandals

Spotty bow pack! Five cute small spotty bow clips