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Community Post: 17 Things You Don't Say To A Woman With Short Hair

Or keeps breaking. Or is fried. And how you blame the stylist. Salon humor

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Homemade Overnight Split end Treatments

All you need to repair the frayed ends and improve the quality of your hair is an overnight hair treatment with just a few simple ingredients that will restore moisturize and repair up split ends, leaving hair looking smooth, shiny. Wake up to split end free hair by treating it overnight. Coconut overnight split end Treatment:

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Prepare to get your sparkle on... glitter roots are officially a THING

Glitter roots are officially a thing, and have taken social media by storm. We show you our favourite looks and how to get the look over on (UK)

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Do you have damaged hair? Are you suffering from split ends? Hair damage can have manny causes, from lightening, to heat-styling and environmental factors! With our Strength Cure haircare system you will see your hair grow long and strong, and watch damage stop in its tracks! #StrongHair

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Best 40 Hilarious Memes


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Restore Your Damaged Hair With These 5 Products

Restore Your Damaged Hair With These 5 Products #refinery29 Now, this is what we call serious hair repair in a bottle. The most powerful restorative products include treatments that replace the proteins in your hair that are lost with damage. If you’re having issues with breakage, the anti-snap, leave-in treatment reduces brittle strands, split ends, and mechanical damage from brushing. For everyday strengthening, try the extreme shampoo…

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Nikkipedia: Look at those split ends! There's no going back now... I've just cut my hair. It's no salon job but it's done the trick for a while. #hair #haircut #diyhaircut #longhair #splitends #goodbyesplitends #haircutforchristmas #layers