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Eagle spiritual guide always thought one could only have a few animal guides but as it turns out it is limitless just like our love and hearts and life force energy some may stay for awhile while others enter your life for life and then some only stay for as little as a day or for as long as you need them ♡ It is always in your heart of hearts ♡


Spider spiritual guide I am very afraid of spiders I would consider her or him my Shadow Animal whom I have something to learn from. When we are seeing animals that we are afraid of to the point where we think they have something to tell or teach us then they usually do spiders can be our friends! Thank you ♡ Keep your heart open even when it is breaking for there is always something good in every day be strong always ♡


Native American Astrology ~ Spirit Animals - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network


one day I WILL have this going down my spine. so beautiful. Like I always say, elephants are such spiritual animals.


(DEER) Interesting! So Much Truth Behind This... and the incidences of encounters with these creatures! Hmm...


Huck first appeared in our dreams as a playful tiger. His spirit animal is the tiger!---From TIGER MEDICINE board.


Cow spiritual guide -never really thought of a cow being a guide but ALL animals are guides