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Ouch! << Okay so can I please talk about how upset I still am about the fact that Peter is team Iron Man in the movie??? Like whhyyyy???? I'm happy about some of the changes that they made for the movie (they didn't kill Steve which was WONDERFUL and a very pleasant surprise) but couldn't they have put Spidey on the right team??? Okay. I'm done now. Sorry.<<Mildly annoyed but i think it fitted well with the story line

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"Don't worry we'll ease into it and start small. Onto Japanese tentacle porn! And then cat videos, and then a combination of the two!" <Are we sure the tenticle porn should fit in before the cat videos? Also, there are tenticle porn cat videos?

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Practical Phonics Activities

'I Spy with My Little Eye'... limiting the choice of objects for this popular game - from Rachel (",)

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The Top 50 Most Memorable Covers of the Marvel Age, Day 14 - Wild Card Round! - Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book ResourcesComics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

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Amazing Spider-Man Workout. Bunch of nerdy workouts on this website. Really helpful for those of us that spend all our time on tumblr. Who says you can't be nerdy and fit?

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*Squints suspiciously* Is that GANKE?!?!?!? Holy cow!!!!!

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Spider-Man Pulls Rhino’s Pants Down, And Other Heroics From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Set

amazing spiderman 2 movie on set photos | Hang in there, we’ve got more pictures of Spider-Man saving the day ...

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Superhero Wall Decal - Gotham City Wall Decal - Batman Sticker - City Skyline - City Wall Decal - Batman Wall Decal - DI1402

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Superhero Week: LEGO superheroes

Lego Sculpture Spider-Man-Anyone who has ever built an over 1,000 piece lego set, like I have, has to appreciate the time it took to make this. Amazing

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Spiderman and Batman : who would win in a fight?

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