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Probably my favourite scene from this weeks episode. Stiles never fails to make me laugh :)

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The fog was lifting higher and higher, she hadn't known fog could be so thick till now. The day was soon turning to twilight, the forest was becoming more and more intimidating. "Eric!" her voice was shrill as she hollered for someone to help her. Mirabella found her self for the first time in a long time scared. Eric was not coming, no one was coming. She was alone!

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@Calah Allen This is how much I care about you caring about my love for Dylan O'Brien ;)

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castlesfromallovertheworld: Corfe Castle, England The dramatic ruins of Corfe Castle stand on a natural hill guarding the principal route through the Purbeck Hills. © Antony Spencer

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I got Brendan Urie, Pete Wentz, & Jack Barakat (plus the drummer I got that I have no clue who he is)! I am happy!

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"My sister's the Inkseer, her consort the prince of Faerie, his knight a Werewolf. I had to learn to keep up." (Electrum Children, Autumn Laisse Hathel)

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The first Hill of Content Bookshop: frontispiece to A. H. Spencer, The Hill of Content, Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1959. [photograph]

These Small-Screen Couples Have Had Some Very Showy Romances: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag The Hills

"Talia" by heyitshannahclaire on Polyvore featuring Velvet by Graham & Spencer, The Case Factory, Levi's, Dana Kellin, Allstate Floral, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Essie and Grandin Road