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Spelman College graduation cake featuring the school's crest along with matching cap and diploma! ...


Spelman is an all girl's historically black college that is located in Atlanta, GA. It was founded in 1881. Starting off as a Baptist Female Seminary, it is now known as the oldest black college for females in America. "Spelman College." U.S News and World Report. U.S News and World Report, n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2013. .


Secrets Behind The Making Of "A Different World"

Location. The exterior of Hillman campus was actually Spelman College in Atlanta. Hillman’s fictional campus is located in Virginia, but the city is never mentioned. Some believed it was right outside of Richmond.

Spelman College in Atlanta, one of the oldest historically Black colleges for women, was established as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary in 1881. The school began with just 11 African American women, and after expanding, received support from John D. Rockefeller, eventually being renamed after his wife, abolitionist Laura Spelman. (Photo shows Spelman grads in 1892)