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31 Ways to Practice Spelling Words

Spelling can be fun with one of these 31 Ways to Practice Spelling Words.


Looking for a free spelling activity? Just write words on cards and print this free spelling game for some colorful practice.


Set up a "homework options" chart. Maybe put a weekday at the top of each column, allow them to choose from that column. Staple to the top of all completed hw on Friday, with their choice for each night colored in/signed.


Great to send home with parents and to share with teachers . It is a list of apps to use to write spelling words at home or in the classroom. They have been a huge hit with my son and students at school. There is a color version and a black and white to easily make copies.


Here's a FREE Speller's Choice Menu that can be used with any spelling list. The kids love it because there's a variety of activities to choose from, and teachers love it because these activities manage to incorporate phonics, grammar, writing AND math!!! :) I just place it in a sheet protector in their take-home binder for them to use with homework every night.

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Play Dough Writing Tray

Play Dough Writing Tray-Use this fine motor activity to practice writing letters, sight words, numbers and more

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Literacy Centre Ideas

Literacy Centre Ideas - activities and printables perfect for use with 5-7 year old children to help develop their early literacy skills | you clever monkey


These pages are a simple solution to making easy, useful worksheets for spelling homework or seat work! In this download, you will find five different spelling practice pages for your students, which include: - ABC Order / 3 times each - Stair Step Spelling - Picture Spelling - Pencil / Crayon - Spelling Sentences