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10 Breathtaking Islands You Must Visit in 2017

Maui, Hawaii...well I never seen any sunsets that looked like this when I was there. But Mauai is truly beautiful

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This is the adult the the marshmallow cows you found. They are highland cows and stay VERY small!

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9 things only AGA owners know to be true

Life with an Aga and why owning one will be a happy long-term affair and one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

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my wisdom comes from experience, my passion comes from pain, my confidence hides my insecurities, my weakness makes me stronger, my past does not define me, my strength is an illusion, my calm makes a storm, my innocence is not ignorance #doctorwho

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Here's What Your Favourite YouTubers Looked Like In Their First Video

//Anxiety, depression, stress, anorexia, suicidal, selectively mute\\ I waste "H-hi I'm Z-Zoe. I-I um..." I bite my lip "I-I don't talk o-often" I say quietly " I h-have anxiety, d-depression, I'm a-anorexic, and I-I'm suic-cidal" I look down

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Beatrix Potter Alphabet (2) Digital Collage Sheets

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"Creepy Books" - Not overtly halloween but still spooky. These were a flea market find from I never find stuff like this at flea markets, at least not that I can afford!

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