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BBC - KS2 Bitesize English - Paragraphs : Play

Getting #fit isn't just about the #exercise. It's also about #lookingafter your #insides. So yesterday, on recommendation from my parents, I turned into a #kitchen #witch and made a #concoction to help with #nausea and general #well-being - #ginger , #lemon , #orange and #water . All mixed up and boiled for a few hours. Can have it in your #tea, in your #yogurt or even as a #shot in the morning. #healthyme #runningformecfs

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#3 in the series: ‘People of the Thar Desert’ – In the dazzling morning sun, in a remote village in the Great Indian Desert, a group of school children show their spelling exercises to their English teacher. The Great Indian Desert and its inhabitants are the subject of our Thar Desert Photography Expedition

Learn to Spell with Games

Would you believe me if I told you that your kids can learn to spell with games? Yes! Learning can be so much fun when we have the right tools and materials for that to happen. I love how Magnobrain came up with such a great set of games that exercise kids’ brains and make …

MCP Spelling Workout 2002 Student Level E

Spell Your Workout Challenge - January 2016 Workout Calendar

DIY 2 ingredient blackhead removal mask INGREDIENTS: -1 small dry gelatin pack -a few teaspoons of milk DIRECTIONS: By mixing one teaspoon of gelatin with 3 teaspoons of milk, put in microwave for approx 10 seconds. Apply to blackhead areas. Leave on for 15 min. Peel off.

Pink Candle Weight Loss Spell

Spell your name workout!

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