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ISTP: Land Rover Defender 4x4. No excuses. Versatile and pragmatic. Great in dealing with lifes everyday challenges.

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Creating Friction Force STEM activity Experiment- Slow Can Race

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Egg Races Exploring Gravity and Ramps for Easter Science

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29 Facts About Life That Will Change You Completely

29 Facts About Our Lives That Will Change You Completely – The Awesome Daily - Your daily dose of awesome

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Beautiful Danish christmas inspiration in white and brown (my scandinavian home)

Oh wow. Friday already? Is it me or does December race passed at the speed of, eh hem, Christmas lights?! The final weekend before the big day calls for some beautiful Danish Christmas inspiration, do

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Weird, Rare Clouds and the Physics Behind Them

Sometimes likened to UFOs, lenticular clouds are usually created by gravity waves. Chuang evokes loose shock absorbers to describe what gravity waves are. A mountain range can form a series of long wave clouds, but if the speed bump is more isolated, like a single mountain, the result can be oval-shaped clouds that look like UFOs. Sometimes multiple ovals form that look like a stack of saucers.

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