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HOWTO: Make festival TTS use better voices (MBROLA / CMU / HTS)

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DeepMind’s WaveNet produces better human-like speech than Google’s best systems

DeepMinds WaveNet produces better human-like speech than Googles best systems Googles DeepMind research lab today published its latest work in the area of speech synthesis which is better known as text-to-speech (TTS). @tachyeonz

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Watch Speech Recognition video by Techprimelab Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis are the best technologies that not only evolve continuously but also used in today's web applications. Watch Video

Google has announced WaveNet, a speech synthesis program that uses AI and deep…

Overview | Speech Synthesis on the Raspberry Pi | Adafruit Learning System

RPi Text to Speech (Speech Synthesis)

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Preparing Students to Present

Here's an infographic on 27 ways to prepare students for a presentation.