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Beautiful gold light of sunrise on the arches of this bridge of brick reflect in the still blue waters to create CIRCLES. - DdO:) - - DiDoReflections;com free music website with songs Reflecting God's promises of help, comfort. Nice photo pinned via Picked For You. NOTICE GREAT COMPOSITION: One opening is a FRAME for the city buildings on distant skyline.

from Cube Breaker

Thought Provoking Landscape Photography from Cody Smith

Photographer Cody Smith's beautiful landscapes posed a mirror in the foreground to force the viewer to take a new perspective


reflection: trees at a lake | photography . Fotografie . photographie | @ ElemenoP |


Art Deco Architecture. What catches my eye here is the reflective metal which shines and contrasts with the darker more brittle designs above it. Would definitely like to experiment with reflections and specular maps on metal surfaces.


This image has a lot of texture as the water is moving and creates different colours of blue. Specular reflection is present as the plane is flying over the sea and the sun is shining which creates a shadow.

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10 Reasons You Can’t Communicate with a Narcissistic or Borderline Woman

headswillrollbaby: Angela Chrome By Simon Danaher. @headswillrollbaby | facebook.

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Gabled Aluminum Home with Corrugated Minimalist Facade

The Mother in Sweden home, designed by Forstberg Arkitektur Och Formgivning (FAF) is a 130m2 corrugated aluminum house located on a 325m2 site in Linkiping, Sweden. The footprint of...

from Cassini: Mission to Saturn

Sunglint on a Hydrocarbon Lake

This near-infrared color image shows a specular reflection, or sunglint, off of a hydrocarbon lake named Kivu Lacus on Saturn's moon Titan.

diamond : crystalline : geometric