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Always looking for new sandwich ideas and here is a list of 30 - one for every day of the month!
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Steamed pork buns (Hirata buns)

Sweet, pillowy Hirata buns are popping up on menus all over at the moment. Try this on-trend recipe at home with our step-by-step guide. The secret to steamed buns is adding extra raising agent and double rising, which gives you a pillowy bun to stuff your pork belly into.

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Light fruit cake

Light fruit cake. Deliciously spicy and just a little crumbly. N.B: this mix is rather wet and required almost doubling the bake time. Sprinkle some demerara sugar on top, whilst the cake is still warm, for a lovely sugary crust.

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Easy Sloppy Joes made with specialty sausages

These easy sloppy joes are made with specialty sausages, and store cupboard and freezer ingredients. Such a fresh looking sandwich!

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A huge favorite with friends and family, plus it's so easy. Once you start eating grilled cheese with pulled pork and honey theres no going back!

Strawberry and cream shortcakes

Strawberries and cream sandwiched between sugary sweet shortbread biscuits, a wonderfully summery flavour combination that never fails to please.

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