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The war we never saw! Max Hastings tells the stories behind haunting images that bring the drama of WWII to life

Gene Autry (1907-1998). U.S. Army Air Force WW II. Enlisted 1942. As a pilot and Technical Sgt. he ferried fuel, ammunition, and arms in the China-India-Burma theater of war flying over the hazardous Himalayan air route, "The Hump." He also volunteered his talents as an entertainer for numerous Air Force shows. He had his own radio show entitled "Sargeant Gene Autry." When the war ended, he was reassigned to Special Services where he toured with a USO troupe in the South Pacific until 1946.

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Dressed for action: The striking variety of uniforms special forces don to protect India by land, sea and air

Indian Special Forces sniper ~ when I say 'Indian' I mean from India, not what some North Americans call the native people's of Canada and the U.S.

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Why India's food police are kicking up a storm

In India, there is a disconnect on how they treat cows. There are some who treat it with deity, but others eat the meat. The state has some of the most punishing laws against cow slaughter, a special police force to protect cows.

India's Republic Day parade – full dress rehearsal in pictures

Para Commandos, a special forces unit of the Indian Army march through the Rajpath during the final rehearsal of Republic Day parade in New ...

1944- Four infantrymen of Brig. General Frank Merrill's "Marauders" look over the bodies of five Japanese fighters, victims of the American attack that resulted in the capture of Walawbum, Burma.

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