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Coconuts are surprisingly one of the healthiest foods on the planet. The health benefits of coconut range from positive mental benefits to many physiological benefits.

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Using Essential Oils for Honeybees - -Hometeading and Livestock

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Spearmint Essential Oil! One of my favorites for aromatherapy and energy! Use my number to sign up for your wholesale Young Living account! Allison Ruggs 1525660

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My absolute FAVORITE essential oil linen spray that I can DIY whenever I need more. Sheets smell amazing and bedroom feels like a spa.

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Calming Diffuser Blends for Stress

Sea Breeze essential oil diffuser blend with lavender, lime, and spearmint. The perfect way to relax and recharge! Lavender eases feelings of tension and anxiety. Lime uplifts and refreshes as it balances emotions and well-being. And spearmint's sweet, refreshing aroma is ideal to help clear the mind and evoke a positive mood. Oh, and did I mention it smells heavenly?! click for a FREE PRINTABLE of 20 more calming and relaxing diffuser blends

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Here's a fun diffuser blend to try! Immerse your home or office with the delightful scent of an afternoon mojito and you may just feel like you've escaped to a relaxing beachfront resort! And the benefits of the delicious blend of lime, wild orange, grapefruit, and spearmint essential oils will purify the air and protect against seasonal threats while simultaneously uplifting the mind and body, and promoting emotional balance and well-being.

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TO KEEP RODENTS OUT OF THE CHICKEN COOP: Plant Some Mint, a natural rodent repellent. Spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, even lemon balm which is also in the mint family, will all help deter mice. Try planting some mint around the coop and run in the spring. Sprinkle fresh or dried mint in the coop and nesting boxes year round.

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Spearmint essential oil has great benefits on the digestive system.

25+ of the Best Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes {with FREE PRINTABLE

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