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Freedive - Stay Underwater Without Tanks

There’s a gap in equipment between SCUBA diving and snorkelling. Freedive bridges that gap. With Freedive people can dive to six meters and stay there for over an hour without surfacing. No need for cumbersome SCUBA gear, special training, or to be tethered to a boat. A person using Freedive just carries one bucket-sized unit into the water; uncoils and attaches the hose to the full-face mask, puts on the mask, turns on the compressor and jumps in. The compressor unit floats on the surface…


Finally, a backpack designed for spear gear---small enough to take anywhere, but big enough to hold everything! The Backpack from JBL holds all your spearfishing equipment so you are always prepared for the kill. Your fins and speargun are secured with straps, leaving ample room in the interior for everything you need to shoot the big ones.

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Best GoPro accessories: take your shots to land, sea and air

Use Your GoPro Hands-Free with the Octomask! -