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Top 10 bars in San Francisco

The Wilson & Wilson is not any old speakeasy – its a speakeasy within a speakeasy. Hidden within the famed prohibition-style Bourbon & Branch – the Wilson & Wilson is detective-agency themed, with a film-noir atmosphere, complete with 1920s-style wallpaper, old cash registers and cocktail menus fashioned to look like detective cases.

15 Secret SF Bars, and How to Get Into All of Them

The Battery San Francisco. Every city has that one cool spot everyone’s always trying to get into. San Francisco’s is the Battery, the members’ club with rooms (and a spa, and a restaurant, and four bars)…


Ever wish you could enjoy a cocktail in an atmosphere as swanky, secretive, and sophisticated as the speakeasies of the prohibition era? Well you don't need a time machine, only a reservation at San Francisco's Bourbon and Branch. From their lack of signage outside to being vetted with a password at the door and their strictly enforced no cameras or phones policy Bourbon and Branch will transport you back in time without any complicated philosophical paradoxes. Just good drinks and good…

Wayfare Bar San Francisco. Visit City Lighting Products!


15 Secret SF Bars, and How to Get Into All of Them

Have the entrance to the party look like a barber shop or like coffee shop, have guests go through secret door into the "speakeasy"


speak easy cards found in Vinnie's pockets when his jacket was taken to be laundered. How simply thrilling