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The Matchgirls Strike. From Spartacus Educational. One of Black's writings, Matchbox Making At Home, exposed the struggles women working in the matchbox profession at home as opposed to the factory, for lower wages and less convenience. another writer, Annie Besant, wrote about the injustice, and after the company responsible tried to force the women to sign a document stating they were happy with their conditions, they instead went on strike.

Eleanor Marx from Spartacus International. Black become close friends with the Marx Family, it was through Marx Black became involved with the Women's Trade Union Association. Eleanor was an active advocate of socialism and working women and worked with Black in the Women's Trade Union League. Due to this friendship, among others, and the subject matter of her work in general, Black became heavily associated with the socialist and Marxist scenes.

Women's Industrial Council. From Spartacus Educational. As she become involved in the Union scene, protesting poor working conditions, she helped form the Women's Trade Union Association. This would later be merged into the Women's Industrial Counsel, which she was the president of. the group investigated numerous trades and publicized their findings.