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The Fencing Coach Code of Honor

Fencer's code of honor - I wish my club had a permanent space of our own so this could be posted.


Silky Sparring Editorials

Ephesians 6 :10-20 ✨ put on the whole armor of God! And never take it off! Boxing fitness has rapidly become my favorite way to decompress. A friend in Juneau, Selina, is a professional female boxer and is responsible for turning me on to it. I hit the bag when reading, writing, simple work outs, and music just don't do it. I have thanked her a million times over in the last month.


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Clean those boxing gloves: Wipe with Clorox and let dry. Then make sachets using coffee filters, twist-ties and Purex Crystals. Store gloves with sachets inside until your workout.