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NEW Century Mouth Guards -- Cobra, Fangs, and Mamba. Get them today in youth and adults sizes! #mouthguard #martialarts #CenturyMartialArts #sparring


Clean those boxing gloves: Wipe with Clorox and let dry. Then make sachets using coffee filters, twist-ties and Purex Crystals. Store gloves with sachets inside until your workout.


Macho Dyna 7 piece sparring gear set with shin guards red adult large -

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The intriguing science behind Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch

Practice each kick until you think its perfect...then do it 1000 times more. Give your adversaries a reason to be afraid.

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The Best Workout for a Knockout Body

Give fat a one-two punch with this fast-paced circuit that matches boxing-inspired cardio with strength moves so that as you lose the flab, you unveil muscle. You'll push your aerobic and anaerobic