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Spanish Baby Names: Estela - 101 Baby Names You'll Love from Around the World - Photos


These Are the Top Latino Baby Names of 2015

On Thursday, BabyCenter En Español released the top 100 baby names for Latino parents in 2015 and their predictions for what names will be popular among Latino padres in the coming year. Despite a growing trend towards original, unique names, Latino parents leaned towards the traditional. Names that begin with the letter "S" topped the list: Sofía ranked as the most popular girls' name, and Santiago won the top boys' spot.


241 Spanish Baby Names You Can Give to a Girl

baby-feet.jpeg - Photo by Gabi Menashe, licensed via Creative Commons.

The Most Unique and Fashionable Baby Names from A to Z

The Most Fashionable Names from A to Z


Baby Girl Name(s): Milana and Mila. (Milana) Meaning: Favored. Origin: Slavic; Czechoslovakian. (Mila) Meaning: Miracle. Origin: Spanish; Slavic; Czech.


640+ Spanish Baby Names You'll Fall in Love With

Expecting parents, settle down, because you're about to spend some extensive time looking through this varied list of baby names for boys and girls. You'll find traditional names, compound monikers, and unexpected stars, all celebrating your Latino


Spanish Baby Names: Yara - 101 Baby Names You'll Love from Around the World - Photos


Baby Boy Name: Matteo (muh-tayo). Meaning: Gift of God. Origin: Greek; Hebrew; Spanish; Italian.


The Most Popular Spanish Baby Names of 2016, According to BabyCenter