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This is the first Hasselblad SLR space camera and it was equipped with a HC3-70 prism viewfinder. It was used for the first time at the Apollo-Soyuz flight in July 1975.


Things You Can Sell Without Even Noticing They’re Gone

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View from the International Space Station...shuttle docked onto the ISS ( International space station ) gets perfectly framed in this stunning photograph with the best view it is possible for a camera to capture ✔️


This is the first image of Saturn's ultraviolet aurora taken by the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) on board the Hubble Space Telescope in October 1997, when Saturn was a distance of 810 million miles (1.3 billion kilometers) from Earth. The new instrument, used as a camera, provides more than ten times the sensitivity of previous Hubble instruments in the ultraviolet.


How Low-Cost Space Cameras May Open Up Satellite Data

Skybox's fleet of cheap, ultra-efficient satellites will give us real-time data that could upend industries, transform economies, and predict the future.