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Vostok 1 (Russian: Восток-1, East 1 or Orient 1) - the first spaceflight in the Vostok program and the first human spaceflight in history

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Russia's Manned Soyuz Space Capsule Explained (Infographic) by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist, Russia's workhorse Soyuz spacecraft have been flying for nearly 45 years, ferrying first cosmonauts into orbit, then branching out to launch NASA astronauts and spaceflyers from many countries on trips to the International Space Station.

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This view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis still connected to Russia's Mir Space Station was photographed by the Mir-19 crew on July 4, 1995. Cosmonauts Anatoliy Y. Solovyev and Nikolai M. Budarin, Mir-19 Commander and Flight Engineer, respectively, temporarily undocked the Soyuz spacecraft from the cluster of Mir elements to perform a brief fly-around

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NASA | International space station in orbit / photographed by approaching space shuttle /sadly now a historic image from the non austerity years of NASA's golden years

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From : credit : Infographic Artist - Karl Tate * How the First Human Spaceflight Worked (Infographic) * date : April 13, 2011 time : 07:53 am ET

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Welcome Back to Earth, Commander Hadfield

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, commander of the just-completed Expedition 35 aboard the International Space Station, landed safely yesterday in Kazakhstan along with crew members Tom Marshburn and Roman Romanenko after five months in orbit

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Soyuz spacecraft assembly. The Orbital module is at the top, the Crew capsule in the middle and Service module at the bottom. The first two modules are covered with thermal blankets.

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ESA astronaut Tim Peake testing his Sokol pressure suit and Soyuz spacecraft seat in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, in preparation for his launch to the International Space Station on 15 December.Space in Images - 2015 - 12 - Tim launch test

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