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Keep in mind that both Russian and US military documentation record the adverse heath effects of radiofrequency microwave (electromagnetic) radiation on the body. 1972 declassified report, CONTROLLED OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOR - USSR, Prepared by U.S. Army

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Ussr #soviet #union flag, View more on the LINK:

OLYMPIC SPECIAL! Discover the 10 best Olympic poster designs

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19 Incredible British Propaganda Posters From World War Two

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This is one of the most recognizable photos in history of our country. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, just about every kid in this country knows this or should know this.

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Soviet Union Ruble Vintage Money Banknote USSR Collectable 1961 50 Ruble banknote Interior Decor Russian Money Lenin

Banknote Ussr,Money Banknote,Collectable 1961,Money Lenin,Ruble Vintage,Union Ruble,50 Ruble,Ruble Banknote,1961 50

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ussr poster (soviet union poster, socialism poster, ussr flag, soviet union flag, ussr propaganda) by Tribalium, via ShutterStock

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