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Southwestern Cleaning Buckets

Old Mesilla Plaza in NM (near Las Cruces) a beautiful quiet dark plaza at night, seems like old Mexico there....


We don’t expect you to bring the garden party inside, but use your imagination – get a little wild and let the unusual texture and organic shape of cacti take centre stage. Opposites attract, and that’s why we love chaotic greenery with Key’s clean, laid-back elegance – a sharp, characterful combination for any home. Enjoy 15% off sitewide at Hem until June 30, 2015 by clicking to visit Hem from this Pin (Click “visit site” from web, or just click the image from mobile).

"Pamukkale is open to the public and people are welcome to walk over the travertine terraces. The only restriction is that visitors must first remove their footwear – the site’s guardians making the (often incorrect) assumption that tourists’ feet will be cleaner than their flip flops."

Archaeologists clean a mosaic in the Domestic Area.Sagalassos has become a large-scale, interdisciplinary excavation of the Catholic University of Leuven, directed by Marc Waelkens. We are now exposing the monumental city center and have completed, or nearly completed, four major restoration projects there. We've also undertaken an intensive urban and geophysical survey, excavations in the domestic and industrial areas, and an intensive survey of its vast territory.


cow skull art:)i have done alot of these that robin has braught me home the shoulder blades i make teepee's out of project when robin is gone hunting..


Tissue Box Cover or Bank Cabin with deer and bear yarn worked on plastic canvas