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Southwell Workhouse

The men's ward. The Workhouse in St Pancras, London: Middlesex - I am not surprised disease was rife, the beds are crammed in and sanitary arrangements were at best basic.


Many children were born in the workhouse and never knew their parents. Some babies were taken out in a large pram,but in some urban workhouses some babies and young children never went beyond the walls of the outside yard. Workhouse life was all they knew.


The inmates are better dressed than I expected. But as workhouses only had minimal or no heat, I don't think these clothes would have kept them very warm.


John Widdowson was born in 1835 to a single mother and was baptised later that year on 6 September in the parish of Halloughton, near Southwell. He was admitted to Mapperley Asylum in July 1899 suffering from dementia where he died in February 1902 with his wife, Mary, by his side. A photograph was taken of him when he was admitted to the hospital


Discover the most complete workhouse in existence. Built in 1824 The Workhouse was a means of relief for the Victorian poor. Pioneering in its design and approach it became a blueprint for similar institutions across the country.