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The Great Global Bucket List (Paperback)

The Great Global Bucket List

Mauritius (pronounced Mar-ish-us). A small island country off the east coast of Africa. This rich island seems comparable to a Caribbean island getaway... except a large amount of the locals in Mauritius are of Indian descent with either a Hindu or Islamic background and so the food served at restaurants often follow the rules of these religions. Cool! This map shows some popular tourist attractions. Hopefully I can use this one day.


Kruger National Park- Awesome place to visit and see all the wildlife that South Africa has to offer!! And you can drive your own car through or go on a guided safari!

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The Top 3 Adventure Destinations For Couples

Capetown - Very near the top of my list

Capetown Tourist Map - Capetown South Africa • mappery

Top ten most beautiful tourist attractions in the world include Cape Town, South Africa. Description from I searched for this on


It may be a stretch to classify COFFEE BAY as a “town” (it is tiny), but our list would not be complete without it. Nguni cattle graze freely on rolling green hills which abruptly end to meet the ocean. Coffee Bay is located on the “Wild Coast”, which is completely untouched by industrial development and breathtakingly beautiful. The Hole in the Wall is one of South Africa’s most famous tourist attractions Umdumbi beach has been voted one of South Africa’s best beaches.