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This is my Grandma's Sour Cherry Pie recipe. Simply the best cherry pie there is, and so easy to make with just 4 ingredients. We love eating it warm with ice cream on top.

Classic Sour Cherry Pie. Made this for the 4th, it was amazing. Sour cherry season's done, but you can make it with frozen sour (or tart, or pie) cherries.

Sour Cherry Hand Pies

Its our tradition to go cherry picking on Fathers Day weekend. Not sure how it started but ever since Imogen was born, there we've been, filling buckets and eating sour cherries by the handful. This year I actually beat the birds to our cherries upstate so we need not go any farther than our own backyard. Apparently its a stellar year for cherries (a dry spring) so get out your cherry recipes because its game on! Happy Father's Day!

Michigan Cherry Pie

Recipe for Michigan Sour Cherry Pie. Worth the effort of pitting the cherries.. this is the best pie I have ever eaten!

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Hungarian Sour Cherry Strudel

Hungarian sour cherry strudel (purchased phyllo dough makes this fast. You can use frozen cherries out of season.)

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Berry Lovely: Sour Cherry-Pistachio Mousse Cakes... Sour cherries are very precious, because their season is rather short and they spoil quickly if not picked in time. But the good thing is that they are perfect for canning and that way can be used as cake filling or fruit compote all year round... (makes six to eight 8-cm/3-inch round cakes)

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This recipe for sour cherry pie is made with a homemade double pastry crust.. Sour Cherry Pie Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.

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Homemade Triple Cherry Pie

Homemade Triple Cherry Pie ~ Combines sour cherries, sweet cherries and dried cherries in a flaky, sugary crust

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