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Sound Cue

This free packet contains cards for the following speech sounds: b, p, m, h, w, y, d, n, t, k, f, g, j, sh, ch, l, v, r, s, z, and th. Additionally, there are cards for the following vowels: uh, ah, ee, oh, and oh.On each card is a picture of a mouth showing how to produce the sound, as well as a picture to help remind your students what sound they are working on!


Speech and Language Kids: How to Teach Your Child to Say a New Sound. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

from Creative Review

Studio Output's soundwave concert postcards

Like the vectors, especially the combos of colour. Too pastel?


FREE speech sound cue cards! Includes visuals for how to produce each sound as well as a child friendly name for each sound! From Speechy Musings.


Website with short wordless films of 1-4 minutes in length that are great for narrative development and non-verbal cue interpretation. Can also search the Simon's Cat channel on YouTube to get the videos.