Forever Aloe Lips for sore lips and cracked nipples when breast feeding.

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You woke up this morning, and suddenly, you notice a blister on your lips. You think it will go away by itself, but then, other symptoms start to develop. You experience itching and a burning sensation in the mouth, and have trouble eating as your mouth has become extra sensitive. These are all symptoms of a cold sore.

(I’ve had several requests from people asking for ways to use lemon balm (melissa). This is the first in a short series of lemon balm recipes/projects that I’ll write about over the next week or so.) If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know...

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Herpes on the lips or oral herpes is a disease caused by viruses. Fast curing it can be achieved naturally with only few natural home remedies.

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Cold Sore Lip Balm a healing balm for cold sores with Tea Tree & Lemon Balm .15oz

Blended with Certified Organic Butters, Tea Tree and Lemon Balm oils, my Cold Sore Lip Balm is a healing balm for cold sores. It also includes includes eucalyptus, and infused Calendula oils to aid dry lips and cold sores, and each natural ingredient has been specifically chosen for the natural aid it provides to the prevention of, or healing of, cold sores! $4.95 in my Etsy shop. Save 10% with PIN10OFF Coupon Code

Leland Lures Trout Magnet Sore Lip Series Rod - 6'6"

Cold Sore Lip Balm 5ml Jar is a great herbal Mother Day Gift. Blended with Certified Organic Butters, and Essential Oils proven to speed the healing of cold sores and reduce their discomfort. Its soft and creamy on the lips, with a slight hint of apples when first applied. Handmade in small batches of 8-9 clear 5ml PET jars, its appropriate for use by the entire family, and slowly absorbs into the lips attacking viral cells for 2-3 hours. $3.95 at

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