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portrait of Queen Charlotte Sophia by Allan Ramsay, ca.1770. Oxford College, Anon II PD05. Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand, if only the past could talk!


"Queen Sophia Charlotte was queen consort of the United Kingdom and wife to King George III of Britain. She is a direct descendant of the Sousa family, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House. Her appearance was black, with full lips and distinct facial features. Artists of the 18th century were asked to tone down “extreme” features of their subjects, but Sir Allan Ramsay, an anti-slavery artist, always painted Queen Charlotte in her actual appearance."


Princess Augusta Sophia (1768 - 1840). Daughter of King George III and Queen Charlotte. After her father went insane her mother insisted on keeping her daughters with her, and forbid them to marry. Many men wanted to marry Augusta, but her parents refused to let her go. She died unmarried.


Young Frederika of Hannover wearing the nazi uniform | by Greek Royalist

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The Three Eldest Daughers of George III: Princesses Charlotte Augusta Matilda, Augusta Sophia, and Elizabeth (after Thomas Gainsborough)

The Three Eldest Daughers of George III: Princesses Charlotte Augusta Matilda, Augusta Sophia, and Elizabeth (after Thomas Gainsborough), late 18th century.

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Which royal family has the most expensive tiaras?

As Kate Middleton's Lotus Flower steals the show, which royal family owns the best tiara? | Daily Mail Online


Queen Charlotte of England, faithful (and patient!) wife of (the mad) King George III - and rumored to be Britain's first (partially) Black queen, tracing her lineage to an African branch of the Portuguese royal family. Many cite this painting as proof of her African features, while some historians disagree. The devil is certainly in the (facial) details.


GREECE ~ 1938 ~ Crown Prince Paul of Greece and Princess Frederika of Hanover wed on January 9, 1938

King George and Queen Charlotte with the six eldest children:George was a family man. He adored his children, except for George IV, and was known to romp with them on his hands and knees. He loved playing games with them and spoiling them, especially his daughters. He would even get on his hands and knees and give them pony rides, to the disgust of many courtiers who found his behaviour shocking and over indulgent.


Princess Augusta, daughter-in-law of King George III and maternal great-great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth by William Beechey (1753-1839), c 1802