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Sophia of the Palatinate (commonly referred to as Sophia of Hanover; 14 October 1630 – 8 June 1714[2]) was the Electress of Hanover from 1692 to 1698. Sophia, a granddaughter of James VI and I, died less than two months before she would have become queen; her claim to the thrones passed on to her eldest son, George Louis, Elector of Hanover, who ascended them as George I on 1 August 1714

Electress Sophia of Hanover. Wife of Ernest Augustus, heiress to the English throne through her mother Elizabeth of Bohemia. Mother of King George 1 of England and mother in law of Sophia Dorothea.

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Princess Sophia of Hanover

"Queen Sophia Charlotte was queen consort of the United Kingdom and wife to King George III of Britain. She is a direct descendant of the Sousa family, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House. Her appearance was black, with full lips and distinct facial features. Artists of the 18th century were asked to tone down “extreme” features of their subjects, but Sir Allan Ramsay, an anti-slavery artist, always painted Queen Charlotte in her actual appearance."

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portrait of Queen Charlotte Sophia by Allan Ramsay, ca.1770. Oxford College, Anon II PD05. Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand, if only the past could talk!

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Sophie of the Palatinate, later Electress of Hanover, ca. 1645, by an unknown artist (possibly her sister Louise)

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Powerful Women Rulers of the 17th Century (1601 - 1700)

Sophia of Hanover, Electress of Hanover from a painting by Gerard Honthorst - Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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