Sonoma Valley is known for its great wine. Tripadvisor named Sonoma County the #1 wine destination in the United States and among the top ten wine destinations in the world. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? What goes best with fantastic wine? Well, fantastic food, of course! Here are ten great food suggestions for your trip to Sonoma, California.

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Sonoma County Has 450 Wineries. We Found the 11 Best for Wine Tastings: Paradise Ridge Winery in Sonoma County: Where Samurai Met Sonoma

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Napa Valley may get a tad more attention, but the splendor of Sonoma is certainly no secret -- after all, it's had over 150 years to build up its reputation as a fabulous destination for wine, and much more. Yet there's plenty that people still don't know about Sonoma; 10 things in particular come to mind. So before you book a trip abroad, or overlook it for the celebrity of Napa, consider Sonoma as the destination you may want to spend your wanderlust budget on. We just got back from an…

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