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BREAKING: BB King dies 'peacefully in sleep' aged 89

BB King, who seems to be picking and singing at the same time in the studio. He rarely has done that on stage.


Old picture from King's Island. Come to Spirit Song 2014 at King's Island this June and see over a dozen Christian bands in concert!! Get tickets at include TobyMac, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Tenth Avenue North, Jeremy Camp, and more!

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The Most Romantic Disney Song Of All Time

Image 7 In the film lion king there is a very similar storyline to moulin rouge as in the love story between both story's I have chose to use a lion in the film moulin rouge and make a Disney lion in the style of baz lineman (director of moulin rouge) as I have found the key features of a lion would be nice to play with and change into a more glamorous effect also some burlesque dances are very animal like and this idea would fit in the this consept


London Pearlies, 1955. Henry Croft (1912 – 1980) was an orphan who worked among the fruit and vegetable traders, or costermongers, and admired their sense of community and comradeship. Wanting to help others less fortunate, he needed to draw attention to himself and decided to emulate the costermongers’ tradition of sewing pearl buttons to their clothing to denote their status in the market. Collecting buttons dropped in the streets, Henry sewed them onto his cap and later his jacket…