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Somali refugee Fadumo Dayib runs for president 26 years after fleeing civil war

Fadumo Dayib

Once A Kenyan Born Somali Refugee, Now Running As Somalia's First ...

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Andrew Rugasira: can coffee transform lives in Africa?

A good news story from Africa. How one man is ensuring trade, not aid, is transforming the lives of 4,000 subsistence farmers in his own Uganda. The work of Andrew Rugasira. Ken Holmes.

We are daddy's girls too...(Somali girl taking shelter under her father as they queue for a meal at the Dadaab refugee camp in eastern Kenya.)


Somalian refugees at Hiswa camp, Aden, 1992, from Nikos Economopoulos's book "About Children". / Photo: Nikos Economopoulos/Magnum Photos


The Rise and Fall of Modernist Architecture


Dadaab refugee camp

Brendan Bannon is a photojournalist on assignment for Polaris Images: "I first went to the Dadaab refugee camp, close to the border between Kenya and Somalia, at the end of 2006. Dadaab has become the largest refugee camp in the world, and Kenya’s fourth largest city: 440,000 people have gathered in makeshift shelters, made of branches and tarps.

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Things are getting heated in Gabon as the people await an election result

Somali refugees in Dadaab

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Humanitarian crisis as world's largest refugee camp declared full

Somali refugees line up for food handouts at Dadaab

from the Guardian

Fear forces refugees in world’s largest camp to return to conflict zones

Human Rights Watch report says intimidation is driving many of the 300,000 residents of Kenya’s Dadaab camp back to war-torn Somalia